Even though he has similar roles in each movie, still like the guy.

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Summer of 2014

Truthfully i know people don’t read much into these, but this is more for myself than anything else.

Starting from the beginning of the summer, I managed to get an engineering internship at the company that my father has worked at for 20 years now. I really liked the idea of being able to work around and/or with my father, but there was really one thing that bothered me while working there. There was always a comparison to my dad. In reality it shouldn’t be a surprise, but i just don’t really like being compared to someone else when i’m not them. I know it sounds pretty obvious, but while working with the people there it made me realize it more than ever. All in all, my time there was very nice and I was able to learn a lot from the others who have been in the engineering position for some time.

As well as having the engineering internship, I also ran a small goalkeeping camp for kids between 5th and 9th grade. I kept this camp to a very minimal amount of kids just due to the fact that I didn’t have tons of time to invest to make multiple sessions a week, but it also made it easier to coach all the kids at the same time. During my time coaching these kids, I could not have had more fun. Their energy was possibly the best thing to be around at that time for me. after my dull energy-less days at work, it was usually just the thing I needed.

Besides the other two things I had done all summer, I had to have a little fun for myself seeing how I was getting paid for the other two. Apart from those two things I had also joined a summer hockey league with one of my best friends Max. Even though we only had games twice a week I had the most fun I’ve ever had playing a sport. It was relaxed, but at the same time very competitive which was just the thing i look for when I go to play. Our season was one i won’t forget for sure seeing that we were easily the best team in the league. Sadly I had to miss play-offs due to the fact of me becoming a Resident’s Assistant at college and training started the first week of play-offs. Luckily my team pulled through and proceeded to win the cup for our summer league. Even though I wasn’t there, I was still really excited about winning it all.

That was my summer in a nutshell.